about us


Thank you for visiting the Award Winning “Sweet T’s Bakeshop” specializing in all baked goods including cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, birthday, wedding and specialty cakes. We also offer a variety of other delicious pastries and baked treats. Sweet T’s Bakeshop is unlike any other bakery! With the touch of artistic talent, you will find that each dessert is crafted with thought and creativity. Everything Made From Scratch! Not only are taste and quality very important, but Sweet T’s has what it takes to make your event special and memorable. The desserts are completely customizable to any occasion. Care, combined with fresh and local ingredients makes each dessert special and unique. We are proud to offer the finest treats you can imagine! That includes flavors and decor. There is no feeling like knowing you can make someone else’s day special! Sweet T’s is owned by sisters Toni and Chrissy Walton. Toni had the great opportunity of working for the CAKE BOSS and was on season 1 & 2 of the show! Together they plan to make a lasting impression on the people of South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area.

The STory

This is the beginning of my dream of owning my own bakery. I am Toni Marie Walton, an artist and baker. I want to share my story with you all because I believe it is special. I have been messing around in the kitchen since I was a small child. I loved making desserts for family and friends. I pursued an artistic future by earning a fine arts degree in illustration and graphic design at the University of Hartford. Not long after graduating, I found myself back in the kitchen using my talents on cakes! I got the opportunity to make a wedding cake for a friend which confirmed my love of this form of art. I really truly loved the fact that I could use my talent to see other people smile. I moved to NYC in the hopes of gaining more experience in my cake venture. A week before move in, I was walking around Hoboken, NJ with my brother and his girlfriend. We passed by a bakery and loved the cakes in the window. I said, “I have to go in there!” We walked in past a crowd of peopleand proceeded to the counter. I asked if they were hiring and filled out an application. The owner told me to call him next week to set up a trial. I promptly called early the following week and was back at Carlo’s Bakery that week. Owner Buddy Valastro, the “Cake Boss” hired me that day as an intern, and informed me that we would be filming a new show “Cake Boss” for TLC in two weeks! I was thrilled! I had the pleasure of working for Buddy for 1 year, and can be seen on most episodes in season 1 & 2.I then moved to Los Angeles, CA to gain new and different experience in my field. After a year of working as cake decorator and baker at a small Bakeshop in LA, I knew I was ready to fulfill my dream.